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This is an introduction to our 4 biggest core businesses at Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd. We are providing quality and innovation that meet our customer’s expectations.

Noise and Environment System

Making earth-friendly products is our mission.

Plant infrastructure, volume control and noise reduction

We make use of integrated noise reduction measures in power generation plants.
We provide products specifically excellent in reducing noise generated by ventilation openings and exhaust vents.
  • Silencers for airplane engines
    Silencers for airplane engines
    When testing jet engines on the ground, we provide noise reduction systems such as insulators and exhaust silencer devices, sound reduction walls for engine rooms, and noise-barrier walls.
  • Toryanse
    Wind will go through but not sound. “Toryanse” is breathable silencer louver.
  • Itasan series
    "Itasan" series
    "Itasan" series make automation and energy saving possible when processing fish fillets.

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Read the details of each product on our special website featuring various products for measuring sound proof.