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This is an explanation of basic information such as history and location of SANYU.


ISO 14001

Ecological Theory

Sanyu Industry contributes to the development of society by actively participating in efforts to save and protect the environment.

Eenvironmental Policy

  1. Sanyu Industry contributes to environmental conservation in a variety of ways ranging from its sales practices to its production activities and its business end in providing “rubber injection molding machines, its peripheral devices, sound-proof devices, devices for every industry and power generators for the home.”
  2. In order to improve our ability to engage in environmental conservation and to prevent pollution, we built an environmental management system and make sure that all of our employees are aware of our policies in this regard.
  3. We set our target as environmental conservation and are working towards periodical reviews and a state continuous improvement.
  4. We respect all environmental laws, acts, and agreements.
  5. We are open and respectful of the public and proud of our policies.
President & CEO Sunao Katagiri

Summary of Certification

Certification Body Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance
Authentication Target Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd. Head Office Factory in Komaki city, Aichi Prefecture.
Compliance Standards ISO 14001:2004, JIS Q 14001:2004
Application Item Design, development, and manufacture of machines and devices for the rubber and plastic industry, factory automation devices, silencers, sound-proof devices, environment devices, engine driven power generators, and other control devices.

Manufacture and assembly of electrical equipment such as airplanes and rockets for the aerospace industry.(Excluding electrical component for induction equipment)