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This is an explanation of basic information such as history and location of SANYU.

Company History

  • Sanyu Kogyo-sho Co.,Ltd. was founded in Nishibiwajima-cho outside of Nagoya city.
    The fixing of machine tools and design and production of cranes and elevators began.

  • A new factory was constructed at 5-7 Daiko-cho, Higashi-ku in Nagoya city.

  • The company purchased 13,500㎡ at an industrial site in Higashi-ikeda, Mitsubuchi, Ohaza in Komaki city. Factory construction started.

  • Construction on the new Komaki factory in Mitsubuchi, Ohaza in Komaki city was completed.
    The machinery and cannery departments from the Daiko factory were relocated there and operations started.

  • The Komaki Factory written about above was sold to Noritake Machine Co., Limited.
    The company purchased 11,800㎡ as an industrial site in 1360 Tokushige, Funatsu, Ohaza in Komaki city.
    Construction of a new factory on these grounds was completed.
    The new facility was named the Komaki factory of Sanyu Kogyo-sho Co,. Ltd. and operations started.
    Departments included Assembled and expanded Machinery, Electrical machinery, Cannery, Painting, Jig and tools, and Oil pressure. Additionally, the company started operating large facilities such as jet silencers, timbering, gates etc.

  • The company purchased 6,600㎡ of land adjacent to the Komaki factory. The Komaki factory was expanded to 18,550㎡.
    On the land of the Komaki factory, construction of a 668㎡, three story reinforced concrete company dormitory for singles was completed.

  • Sanyu Shoji Co.,Ltd was. founded at 3-12 Daiko-cho, Higashi-ku in Nagoya city.

  • Completed construction of a 615㎡ concrete company dormitory for families in Azanaka, Mitsubuchi, Ohaza in Komaki city.
    A new 1000㎡ steel structure factory (including a subcallosal height of 10m, a 30 ton crane, and a 5 ton crane) was completed. This was used for heavy-weight assembly and construction.

  • A new heavy electrical apparatus factory (330㎡) was constructed. The production of large control panels and riggings for home power generation by diesel engine started.
    The company purchased a factory site of 47,230㎡ in Santo-cho, Sakada gun in Shiga prefecture.

  • Started manufacturing equipment related to rubber vulcanizing presses

  • Sanyu Kosan Co,. Ltd. founded in 3-21, Daiko-cho, Higashi-ku in Nagoya city.
    An expansion into the management, buying, and selling of real estate by Sanyu Kogyo-sho Co., Ltd. was attempted.

  • Developed rubber injection molding machine STI.

  • Sanyu Shiga Co., Ltd. founded in 200 Tenman, Ohaza, Santo-cho, Sakata-gun in Shiga Prefecture.
    Started operations on the assembling of electrical components.

  • Sanyu Reinetsu Service Co., Ltd. founded in 7-5 Daiko-cho, Higashi-ku in Nagoya city.
    Sales of heating-cooling combination air conditioning appliances and repair services started.

  • Sanyu Kiki Hanbai Co., Ltd. (Sales of Sanyu appliances company) founded.
    Started the sale of machines for use in stock farming, food packaging, and the ceramics industry.

  • An integrated office and power generator assembly factory was built (1,780㎡)

  • The Komaki branch factory was completed (1,000㎡)
    Part of the company headquarters was moved and the space was use as a pipe processing factory.

  • Extended electrical machinery assembly factory (528㎡)

  • Company name was changed from Sanyu Reinetsu Service Co., Ltd. to Sanyu Kikoo Co., Ltd.

  • Machinery factory was expanded 623㎡ (including a 5 ton crane and a 28 ton crane)

  • Company name changed from Sanyu Kogyo sho Co., Ltd. to Sanyu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • New factory was completed (2,567㎡) in 870 Aza-nishinomon, Mitsubuchi, Ohaza in Komaki city.
    Sanyu Denso Co., Ltd. was founded. Measurements were taken for an expansion of the production of controllers for air conditioners (electronic applications).

  • Purchased a large machining center (length and breadth) and 10 other machines.
    A 950㎡ Sanyu Kaikan (training center) was completed at 1487-2 Higashi awara, Mitsubuchi, Ohaza in Komaki city.
    The vertical type rubber injection molding machine STI 200VA was shown at Rubber Expo ’85 in the United States.

  • Purchased a set of three dimension measuring equipment, NC lathe, and two other machines.

  • Suntechno CO., LTD. was founded. It operated as the computer software design department.

  • Exhibited the vertical type rubber injection molding machine STI (4 types) at the JP 86 11th international trade fair by Japan Plastic-Rubber in Harumi, Tokyo prefecture.

  • A new factory building of Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd. was constructed. Operations started.

  • Internal training center completed within Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd.

  • Automatic riveter installed along with expansion of business related to aerospace and aviation.

  • Factories 104 and 105 constructed. Operated as assembly factories.

  • Apartments for family (7 rooms) completed in Ogi, Ohaza in Komaki city.

  • SANYU USA, INC. founded. Sales of injection molding machine in the United States started.

  • Sanyu Travel Co., Ltd. founded. Travel business started.

  • Factories 207 and 208 completed. Machinery factory (1st floor), airplane parts assembly factory (2nd floor and 3rd floor)

  • P.T SANYU RATAMA INDAH founded in Indonesia.

  • Precision NC gas, plasma cutting material installed in the sheet metal plant.

  • 35 years of “Ayumi” (Journey) of Sanyu Industry published.

  • Apartment building (10 rooms for rent) available to employees constructed.
    Assembly of H-II Rocket structure started in the 206 factory.

  • Sanyu Industry Co., Ltd. 40th year anniversary event held.

  • Sanyu Service Co., Ltd. founded.

  • Funatsu warehouse completed (640㎡)

  • Sanyu Brand System Co., Ltd. founded. Supervision and construction of plants started.

  • New Factories 201 and 202 completed (2 floors, 3,244㎡)

  • ISO 9001 certification gained.

  • New office building 106 completed (five floors, 10,038 ㎡)
    Sanyu Kiki Hanbai Co., Ltd changed name to Sanyu Kiki Co., Ltd.

  • Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd. 45th year anniversary event held.

  • CE marking certification gained.

  • Sanyu reference room completed in Sanyu Kaikan.

  • Sales of Sanyu “Super Itasan” started.

  • STI CORPORATION LTD. founded in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Cold ground-type compost developed.

  • Department of general affairs in Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd. was integrated with the Sanyu main office.

  • Exhibited vertical type rubber injection molding machine SI150VP (Hybrid) at Rubber Expo 03’ in the United States.

  • Sanyu Shiga Co., Ltd. changed company name to Sanyu electric Co., Ltd.

  • 50th year anniversary of Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd.

  • Exhibited vertical type rubber injection molding machine STI150VL and 75VN at Automotive Manufacturing 2004 in Thailand.

  • Two Wings Co., Ltd. founded with Mizutani Industry Co., Ltd.

  • 50 years of “Ayumi” (Journey) of Sanyu Industry published.

  • Sales of “Cute Power,” compact home power generator for emergencies made by Sanyu, started.
    Awarded an Aichi Brand award

  • Awarded a Monozukuri NAGOYA (craftsmanship NAGOYA) award

  • Sales begin of children’s toy “BIYOYO~N” licensed by Ai•Chikyu Haku (Expo 2005 in Nagoya, Aichi)

  • ISO 14001 certification gained.

  • developed “Wakadaisho” and “Super Itasan”

    Factory 101 and office 102 completed.

  • “Toryanse,” breathable, silenced louver released.
    Hybrid type STI150VP and VL type 150VL were exhibited at the METALEX trade fair in Thailand.

  • Sales of the new series STI and 220 VR started.

  • KUN SHAN.SANYU.MACHINERY.CO.LTD shipped the 1st STI machine
    “Super Itasan” was exhibited at FOOMA JAPAN 2007, an international food industry exhibition.

  • Quality of aerospace management system JISQ 9100; 2004 certification gained.

  • ST1450VS and 160VR were exhibited at Rubber Expo 2007 in the United States.

  • Exhibited “Kyoshin” of the “Super Itasan” line at FOOMA JAPAN 2008, an International Food Industry Exhibition

  • The first STI-ZR•Z machine was shipped

  • Exhibited the “Wood Checker” (a device for imaging inspections of lumber faults) at Mokkiten Japan with Wood Eco Tec 2009
    Won an “Excellence Prize in Techniques”

  • Exhibited products at Expobor 2010 in Brazil

  • The rubber injection molding machine STI 220VR•Z was awarded the 40th memorial award at the 40th Maching Design Awards Sponsored by The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.

  • The STI 220 VR•Z was awarded the G MARK for Good Design Award 2010 Sponsored by the Japanese Institute of Design Promotion.

  • First 2P type power generator of the SQP series shipped.

  • SANYU TECHNICAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD founded in Thailand.

  • Spec 70DB of SEGS series released

  • Option of remote supervision was added to the SEGS series.

  • Sanyu Industry’s advertising campaign “Dreams into Reality” started.

  • Sales of the spec 50dB, “Cute Power” small home power generator for emergencies started.

  • Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd. Tokyo Office moved to Kawasaki-city in Kanagawa Prefecture.

  • President Nobata was re-assigned to be the vice president of “Komaki Shoko Kaigisyo” (Komaki’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

  • Announced the vacuum injection molding machine VJ-V.

  • Changed the name of the headquarters to Sanyu Kogyo holdings Co., Ltd.

  • The president of Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd. changed places
    President & CEO: Toshihiro Nobata
    Representative Director: Sunao Katagiri

  • The“Ceremony commemorating 60 years since the founding” of Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd. was held at the Westin Nagoya Castle Hotel.

  • Continuous authorization as an Aichi Brand Company received.