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This is an introduction to our 4 biggest core businesses at Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd. We are providing quality and innovation that meet our customer’s expectations.

Molding Machine

Exploring the Unlimited Potential of Rubber
  • STI-1.6-200VJ
    The new Rubber Injection Molding Machine “STI-VJ” type which has a low price, an energy saving design, produces little noise and sports increased efficiency!
  • STI-1.6-200VJ-V
    The new vacuum molding machine is equipped for VJ’s basic performance
    Vacuum pump selection type is used to meet customer’s various demands.
  • STI-1.6-220VR-Z
    Introducing Z from the VR series. Professionally designed to combine beauty and function, it is the world’s most beautiful molding machine.
  • STI VRシリーズ
    STI VR series
    • STI-1.0-110VR
    • STI-1.6-160VR
    • STI-1.6-220VR
    • STI-1.6-220VR-V
  • STI-4.0-450VJ
    An auto die block adjustment function has been added. The operational height was reduced so that a step is no longer required.
  • STI-0.8-150VP
    Hybrid Model – Electric Powered Injection / Hydraulic Press
    Accurate volume measurements have been enabled by the feedback back-pressure control.
Read the details of each product on the special website for rubber injection molding machine.