SANYU for rubber injection molding machines, sound-proofing & silencers, compact power generators and factory automation

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This is an explanation of basic information such as history and location of SANYU.


We provide the world’s best products and services that please customers.

In order to satisfy, we not only provide customers with the products and services that meet their demands, we also collect customer feedback and work on improving the quality of our organization and development of our products.

All the employees are aware of our policy regarding quality and recognize that the most fundamental element in maintaining quality is to take responsibility for doing excellent work.

This policy demands that we revise products when we see the opportunity to improve them. Our goal is continuous improvement.

ISO 9001 ISO Q 9001

The scope of our authentication

Design, development, and manufacture of machines and devices for the rubber and plastic industry, of factory automation devices, silencers, sound-proof technologies, devices related to the environment, engine driven power generators, and other control devices.

Manufacture and assembly of electric equipment for the aerospace industry such as airplanes and rockets.