SANYU for rubber injection molding machines, sound-proofing & silencers, compact power generators and factory automation

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三友工業株式会社 取扱機器 As a best partner for the manufacturing industry, and for the rich natural environment, we will be continuous in developing innovative technologies with a fresh imagination.


This is an introduction to our 4 biggest core businesses at Sanyu Industries Co., Ltd.
We are providing quality and innovation that meet our customer’s expectations.

  • Molding machine

    We suggest total coordination of the automated system line including the rubber injection molding machines, its peripheral devices and molds.

  • Factory automation

    We are able to meet every customer’s needs through the use of technologies such as automation, imaging, and laser beam manufacturing.

  • Noise and Environment System

    Unique sound control technology of SANYU will create quiet environments amidst any kind of noise.

  • Energy generation

    SANYU provides various high quality and environmentally friendly power systems including compact home power generator for emergency “Cute Power”

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